Nature Story by DOORAEONE of
Korea Natural Food
Happy World from Healthy Food
We think of harmony between nature and people
Pleasure of eating food with healthy lifestyle and happiness
Our first priority is our consumers’ health and safety

Company Profile

We provide health and happiness with safe food

Based on our 30 years of beekeeping business, DOORAEONE of Korea Natural Food focuses on production and sales of citron tea, lemon tea, health supplementary food and Bibimbap vegetables manufactured to satisfy the needs of modern people in our cutting-edge manufacturing system.

Vision & Mission

Heartfelt products with love of nature

Based on respect for human beings, we treasure nature and people’s harmony

Settlement of New DOORAEONE Culture

Total Operation Efficiency

Reinforcement of Business Competence

Discovering New Growth Engine


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the bigger the Value Becomes

Check out our latest updates


Check out our latest updates

Customer Inquiry

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